The Farm

The Farm

While Keystone is a great place to get a fabulous education, it is also a real working farm. Each day the students of Keystone feed, groom, clean up after, and love on our animals. All children work at pasture at least three times a week. For our kids, these are some of their favorite times, and the Keystone animals are very well-loved.

Pasture jobs are:

  1. Feed the llamas
  2. Brush the donkeys
  3. Gather eggs from the chickens
  4. Feed and replace water for the chickens
  5. Scoop manure from the pasture

As Keystone is located on 15 acres with a pond, creek, and lots of trees, we also often pause to learn more about the wild animals who share our spaces, from hawks and crows to mice and voles to racoons and snakes!

Also on the Farm, we have an organic garden for children to plant and harvest. In fact, we use our horse manure to make worm castings that help to fertilize and grow our vegetables.

Currently, Keystone’s farm animals include:

  • Juliet, the mama llama
  • Marshmallow, the “baby” llama (February 2021)
  • Rosie, also a mama llama and one of Juliet’s babies
  • Captain Crunch, a miniature donkey
  • Mrs. Crunch, a miniature donkey who is pregnant!
  • Snowball, a sheep who thinks she’s a goat
  • Oreo, the goat who will still let you hold him
  • A coop full of chickens and two roosters

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