Physical Education

Physical Education

Jessica Carel


Keystone’s Physical Education program is based on teamwork and problem solving through games and physical activity, with the goal of providing optimum growth and development, team skills, and individual skills, while fostering attitudes and behaviors that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Unlike most PE programs, Keystone’s program is built around communication and group problem solving as opposed to the coaching of sports.

Activities vary widely, from basic locomotive movements to non-locomotive movements. Many activities are manipulative activities that require complex motor patterns and stages of development that can be observed through the young student’s performance. 

All of our activities can be adapted for a wide variety of students with differing abilities. Skills at the elementary level are based on the “back to basics” idea for skill development. 

When traditional sports are played, the emphasis is placed on having a positive experience, rather than winning, and learning how to fail, try again, and succeed.

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