Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

The goal of Keystone Adventure School and Farm is to educate the whole child in a way that involves children in the design and implementation of the learning process to encourage them to take ownership of their lives and education. It is not limited to academics only, because academics are just one aspect of a well rounded education. Keystone is equally focused on social, emotional and physical growth and safety.

Keystone believes that children learn best when they are active participants in their own learning. We also believe that learning is built around a process of understanding and less about a product of skills. Process learning brings a more joyful and meaningful learning experience than one driven by outcome-based learning.

Interest among children is immediately piqued when, as part of the learning team, children help direct their individual experiences. It is the teacher’s job to listen to the student and observe how they learn best through questioning techniques. This individualization allows all students to become successful independent learners and that, in turn, helps them to grow academically. Keystone uses multi-aged and multi-leveled classrooms to allow students to work side by side with children outside their own grade level on current subjects.

Finally, we consider the outdoors to be one of our greatest teachers. By caring for our animals, the children learn self-confidence, self-reliance, and an ability to work with others. The creek, the pond, and the woods provide respect for all forms of life, patience, and peace. Our basic belief in the restorative and strengthening power of outdoor play is reinforced daily.

At Keystone, we are dedicated to children and honor the different methods through which they learn. Unlike many private schools, we are not looking for a specific type of learner, but instead, we are looking for children who learn in many different ways. They are valued for their uniqueness, as opposed to being forced to learn the same way. When children feel valued and recognized for who they are, their inherent sense of safety allows them to take risks in the process of learning. Our goal is to provide a safe environment where each child is encouraged to be a divergent thinker, problem solver, life-long learner, and one who relishes in learning from each and every mistake.

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