With Keystone’s emphasis on the arts, children experience music and movement on a daily, multi-aged basis. Every morning after children check in to their classrooms, we gather for all-school Music in our spacious Great Room. Students and teachers alike, from preschool to 5th graders, join in song and community. We believe that everyone does better when they start their day with a song in their hearts.

Our students choose many of the songs we learn and are involved in the planning of performances, along with the staff. It is a common belief at Keystone that music plays a central role in our lives and brings us joy. 

Our “Keystone Choir” is an atypical singing group comprised of the whole school. They move freely and with great flair and expression, bringing joy to any audience.

Children are encouraged to share their gifts during Music time, whether it be through voice, instruments, or movement. Building community and strong hearts and minds is one of the vital rewards of our music time.



 Hey Keystone, is a school I know.

 It’s the coolest school around.

 When they open up the doors,

 The Kids run all around.

 Hey Keystone, is a place to learn,

 A place ideas grow.

 Kids they like to shout it out.

 They want the whole world to know.

 But when it’s time to quiet down,

 The grownups they just say,




It only takes a spark to get a fire going.

And soon all those around will warm up to its glowing.

 That’s how it is at Keystone, once you experience it.

 We want to sing, what joy it brings. We want to pass it on.

 I wish for you each day, this happiness that I have found.

 We all depend on friends; it matters not where we are bound.

 Let’s, shout it from the mountain tops

 And let our world know

 Keystone is love, a time to grow, a time to pass it on.

 Keystone is love, a time to grow, a time to pass it on.


 Rise up Keystone, come and play (Rise Up!)

Rise up Keystone, and say “Hey!” (Hey Keystone!)

Where children come to play, and learn along the way

And childhood is the order of the day. (Yee Haw!)

Rise up Keystone and be kind.

Rise up Keystone hearts and minds.

We will be the best we can be with our Keystone family,

Always standing here by our sides. 

Rise up Keystone, touch the sky.

Rise up Keystone and reach high.

We are brave, we are kind, we have strong hearts and minds.

Keystone gives us wings so we can fly.

Rise up Keystone, Rise up!

Rise up Keystone, Rise up!

Rise up Keystone, Rise up Keystone

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Rise up!

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