Tuition and Fees 2024-2025

Tuition and Fees 2024-2025

Before enrolling, Keystone requires that both the parents and the child tour the school and fill out our online application. Applications are reviewed by the board, and families will be notified if they are able to enroll. You may sign up for our monthly tours by clicking HERE. Enrollment fees for all grades, including Preschool, are $250. For the second enrolled child in a family attending simultaneously, the enrollment fee is $125. The third child and any additional children from the same family attending simultaneously will not pay any enrollment fee.

Preschool (3 years old before September 1)

This year there will be no half days offered at Keystone.

All Full Day Options run from 8:00am – 3:45pm

* Two-Day, Full-Day Program Tuesday/Thursday

          $6,791/year payable over 10 months = $679.10/month

* Three-Day, Full-Day Program –  Monday/Wednesday/Friday

          $9,173/year payable over 10 months = $917.30/month

* Five-Day, Full-Day Program – Monday – Friday

          $11,520/year payable over 10 months = $1,152month


*School hours for pre-k and older are 8:00am – 3:45pm.

Pre-Kindergarten (4 years old by September 1)

          $13,605/year Payable over 10 months = $1,360.50/month

Kindergarten/First Grade

          $13,890/year payable over 10 months = $1,389/month

Second/Third Grade

          $14,135/year payable over 10 months = $1,413.50/month

Fourth Grade

          $14,256/year payable over 10 months = $1,425.60/month

Fifth Grade

          $14,390/year payable over 10 months = $1,439/month


CLASSROOM FEES for 2022-2023

(Due in August prior to the first day of school)

The basic fees are listed below and graduate in amount appropriate to grade. We will purchase all of your child’s school supplies. (If your child desires a special notebook or pencils, etc., feel free to add those to his/her collection.)

  • 3YO   –  $272  
  • PreK  –  $385
  • K-1    –  $503
  • 2-3    –  $611
  • 4-5    –  $662

Classroom Fees include:

  • School Supplies (pencils, markers, paper, etc.) 
  • General Supplies (tissues, paper towels, ball chairs, etc.)
  • Project Fee
  • Art Fee
  • Book Fee
  • Technology Fee (iBoss security software, learning programs such as MobyMax etc.)
  • Fun Fee (field trips, birthday lunches, t-shirts)

A $50.00 non-refundable application fee is due with submission of the application. Space for a child cannot be held until the signed contract is returned with the non-refundable $500 Enrollment Fee. Tuition can be paid as a one-time payment which offers a 3% discount on the total amount or in 10 equal monthly installments. Either the full-pay option or first installment of the monthly payment must be received July 1, 2020. All tuition must be covered by tuition insurance. The monthly payments are due on the first of each month following July 1, 2020 with the last payment on April 1, 2021. All other fees are set and due in August on Information Day.

Each class has annual school supply, book, art, technology, & project fees, which the school uses to purchase all the supplies and books needed for each student. Annual fees are set and due in August on Information Day.

*Keystone is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization recognized by the IRS.

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