Summer on the Farm

Summer on the Farm

5:15pm March 1st: Summer on the Farm for Kindergarten-5th grade is full/closed for 2024. There are some openings left for the Pre-K program. Thanks so much for your interest! We are always sad that there is not enough room for all of the interest. Feel free to join the waitlist at the following link:

entering Kindergarten thru 5th grade graduates waitlist only:

Click here for Kindergarten-5th grade summer camp

entering pre-k in fall of 2024

Click here for Pre-K summer camp

Keystone Adventure School and Farm is excited about opening up our campus for another amazing summer of fun, learning, and exciting activities. Our summer programs are designed to engage all kids from entering 4 year old’s to graduating 5th graders. This year Keystone will be bring back the 4 year old program. Our beautiful 15-acre campus is filled with amazing indoor spaces, lots of farm animals, large outdoor play spaces, a pond, and a creek.

Keystone provides a safe place for kids to spend their summer days. Your child will look forward to coming to our summer programs, making it easy for you to get them up each day to come.

Spaces are limited, and programs will fill fast. 

So, if you’re looking for the best place for your kids to be this summer, look no further! Keystone’s summer program is the most unique and engaging program in town.

Summer enrollment begins March 1st, 2024

To get on our summer email list, click on the following link. Keystone will email all families who fill out the interest form in the following link:


Summer FAQ

The weekly rate is $410. There is also a one-time enrollment fee of $50. Camps are offered weekly; the first week of Summer on the Farm is four days, due to Memorial Day, and costs $350. 

Schedule for the Summer of 2024

Week 1: May 28 – May 31 (short week)

Week 2: June 3 – June 7

Week 3: June 10 – June 14

Week 4: June 17 – June 21

Week 5: June 24 – June 28 

Drop-off begins at 8, and pick-up is at 5. We do not have any before-care or after-care options. 

This year Summer on the Farm has two programs. One program is for 4 year olds, while the other is for rising kindergarteners through children who just graduated from 5th grade. Children attending our 4 year old program must be four years old BEFORE April 1, 2024 or enrolled is Keystone’s pre-k program. Children attending our Kindergarten-5th grade program must be five years old BEFORE April 1, 2024 or be enrolled in Keystone’s kindergarten program.

No. Children should bring lots of snacks, a lunch, and a refillable water bottle to enjoy whenever they are hungry or thirsty. Please do not send candy or sodas! Lunch time will be spent picnicking on our beautiful school campus. 

Keystone currently encourages frequent handwashing and we insist that parents keep their kids home if they are running a fever above 99 degrees or if they have vomiting and/or diaharrea.

**NOTE: PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS BROUGHT TO SUMMER ON THE FARM WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME, especially shoes, water bottles, lunch boxes, and life jackets.

Items to bring daily:

  • Sunscreen must be applied prior to arrival and should be the waterproof kind (we will reapply after lunch)
  • Snacks and a sack lunch
  • Bottled water or refillable water bottle (recommended)
  • Fresh towel; please be sure your child takes the used one home daily
  • Come dressed in your swimsuit with clothes over it
  • Wear water shoes that can be used for exploring the creek

Items to bring and leave for the duration of your child’s participation in SOF:

  • A life jacket for wandering the creek or going to pond (may be taken home weekends)
  • Pasture boots/rain boots for pasture time if desired. Kids can also choose to use boots left by our school year kids, but cleanliness, comfort, and correct sizing aren’t guaranteed. (Typically children prefer to have their own boots.)
  • A spare change of clothes or two (Children will get very dirty. Please send old clothes that you are willing to throw away.)
  • Children are welcome to bring their bikes, hoverboards, scooters, and skateboards, as well as their required helmet, and enjoy riding on our traffic-free driveway. (These will not be shared with other children.)

Summer on the Farm is filled with unique experiences to look forward to each day. Whether it’s outdoor activities, boating, exploring, learning, or playing, your child will be engaged and want more opportunities to attend all summer long. For some kids, it’s a week of the Keystone experience, and for others, it’s an entire summer; however, for all of them, it is a memorable experience packed with fun and joy. Activities abound throughout the day that offer variety and choices to keep kids engaged and happy. A careful balance between indoor and outdoor experiences help to make this summer enjoyable and safe for all. Your child’s safety is paramount to Keystone, so we provide a 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio (or better) at all times. Below you will find a list of just a few of the activities that will be available to your child throughout each week at Keystone. Please note that not all of the following activities will be available for our 4yo students.

  • Spending time with our pasture animals and gardening is always a great experience. Here they feed and water the llamas, donkeys, sheep, chickens, and goat. While on the farm, they will be responsible for all care given to the animals each day, including mucking the pasture, brushing the animals, collecting eggs, and feeding/watering.
  • When available, kids will care for our organic garden and will harvest vegetables as they ripen. Some of the veggies will be enjoyed by the kids, while the rest will be donated to the Hope Center Food Bank.
  • Group games will be offered that encourage children to have fun and cooperate with their friends to find a successful experience for all.
  • Outdoor learning experiences, including seining the creek, paddle boating and kayaking, will be available to Summer on the Farm campers. (Life jackets required for all ages, regardless of swimming ability, at the pond and creek.)
  • A giant water slide is available all summer long.
  • Sandboxes with water running through them provide plenty of room for creative play and exploration.
  • Participants will explore a running creek filled with fish, mussels, and lots of wildlife tracks.
  • Group games will be offered that encourage children to have fun and cooperate with their friends to find a successful experience for all.
  • A favorite indoor activity for kids is Keystone’s Summer in the City. Children work in our Great Room by reading, doing math, and writing books to earn money (Keystone Kash), which will allow them to purchase a “house” for the day. After purchasing their dream home, the children will continue to earn money by reading, doing math, and writing to use to either invest in their own business or patronize other businesses started by other citizens. Businesses started by children can include rental businesses such as games or sales businesses. If your child is interested in becoming a young entrepreneur, they should begin planning now. This year due to Covid-19, there will be no food or drink businesses. Ideas for businesses can include: renting a game, selling Poke’mon cards, selling old toys, an art center, slime sales, balloon sales, nail painting, and pretty much anything your child would like to do. All business supplies must be provided by the student, but we have supplies to make signage for their business. Children are empowered to run the city their way, while learning to be responsible citizens.
  • Pasture time with the Keystone animals – here 4s will work with the older Summer on the Farm campers to feed and water the llamas, donkeys, sheep, chickens, and goat. While on the farm, the children are responsible for all care given to the animals each day, including mucking the pasture, brushing the animals, collecting eggs, and feeding/watering.
  • Daily outdoor & water play in kiddie pools and sandboxes with running water (plus a mud kitchen!) to provide plenty of space for creative play, social interaction, and cooperative exploration. 
  • A lunch time spent spent picnicking on our beautiful school campus along with the older Summer on the Farm campers. 
  • Daily storytime with books related to a weekly theme, to serve as an imagination spark for weekly art processes and designed play provocations. 
  • Indoor sensory, art, and fine motor play with clay, blocks, magnets, ramps, and more! Indoor time will also include an hour of rest during the hottest part of the mid-afternoon for cooling off and resetting.
  • Keystone does not offer refunds for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to camp start date.
  • Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the start date will be subject to a cancellation fee that is 50% of the total enrolled cost.
  • Keystone reserves the right to cancel camps if the minimum number of campers required for enrollment is not met.
  • No make-up days are offered under any circumstances.
  • The $50 enrollment fee is nonrefundable.

Payment details:

  • At the time of registration, only the enrollment fee ($50) is required to hold the child’s spot.
  • Payment for each week is due IN FULL on the Friday prior to the start of camp. If payment is not received, camper will not be allowed to attend.
  • Payments should be made via the child’s account, the Keystone website, or via check to Keystone Adventure School and Farm.

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