Missy Benear


Keystone is an art-based school. This means that our primary foundation for learning for all subjects is built on art. Further, this means that we use Art to teach the whole child through Math, Science, Writing, Reading, Spelling, Social Studies, Language, Computer, Music, Philosophy, Project, and ART! 

We are blessed to provide constant opportunities for children to do “Big” visual art all day in classrooms and in Art Class, directed by the incredibly talented Missy Benear. We do drawing, painting with all media on canvas, paper, etc., make all kinds of clay creations that are glazed and fired in our kiln, weaving, sewing, collage, beading, building, woodwork, etc. Through these processes, we are more interested in how the child “feels” when they create than we are with the product created.

But Art at Keystone is bigger than the typically recognized visual representations. Art is a true reflection of life and our goal is for every child to recognize the art in every moment of innovation, play, failure, and epiphany. There is art in the spoken and written word; the poetry and promise of another question invigorates us all. The art of arguing is prevalent at Keystone, of course. We seek to understand that arguments are opportunities to learn about ourselves and even develop the art of respectful listening.

At Keystone, the children are bathed in nature’s beauty and the creatures who share their space. The symmetry of a spider web, the pathways of a leaf’s vein structure, the stretch of a llama’s neck as she reaches to nuzzle her baby, and the refracting power of a tiny drop of dew are all art to which we expose Keystone kids.

The art of acceptance and understanding can occur with or without agreement. By respecting the earth and her gifts, and their schoolmates and their differences, the art of building and keeping relationships is key to every thing in life. Keystone kids are learning to see the art in life, and therein, the beauty. From this beauty comes true joy. 

As adults, we have much to learn at the side of these masters of childhood. At Keystone, we strive to extend the art of childhood throughout life. To capture and carry on with “wondering and wandering” is truly a work of art. Please come to Keystone and witness masterpieces in the making. At Keystone, we call them “children.”

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