Kelly Coffman


The objective of the PreK curriculum at Keystone is play-based with a focus on the interests of the children. Learning goals related to those interests are integrated across the subject areas, including social emotional & self-help skills, language & literacy, math, science, music, imaginative play, art, movement & physical activity, and more. There is a routine balance of whole group, small group, and individualized learning provided through hands-on and experiential activities.

Our classroom is literacy/alphabet rich which allows for a solid foundation in pre-reading skills. Students are introduced to pre-writing skills through fine motor and other multimodal activities, including process art. As the year progresses, journaling becomes a daily activity where the children use their independent thoughts and ideas combined with developmental spelling to draw, write, and discuss about various topics. 

Math is interspersed throughout our day with a focus on foundational counting and number sense. Students learn to pattern, sort, how to use real-object graphs, and we spend the majority of our mathematical work immersed in hands-on learning with manipulatives, such as dice, dominoes, and other counters. 

Keystone’s beautiful campus provides students with plenty of wonder for science activities throughout the year including observation of seasonal changes and the weather, and interacting with the animals, the pond, our trees, plants, and other outdoor life in the natural environment. 

We also enjoy large-group activities with the whole school which incorporates social studies, STEM, and other subjects. 

In all areas, materials and activities are varied so that the kiddos may learn to direct their day according to their strengths with growing independence. They are guided with assistance based on their individual needs. 

Above all, the students in PreK learn how to navigate their emotions and to get along with each other through our playful learning opportunities and by being a part of the Keystone Family in this joyful and loving place!

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