3-year-old Preschool

3-year-old Preschool

Bethany Bone


Bethany loves teaching the preschool class because she wants to be a loving and positive introduction to a school setting and to foster a desire for lifelong learning. Her passion is creating an engaging classroom, and she loves when children show her a way to play that she never imagined!

Bethany’s class utilizes a “play to learn” style that allows for all children, regardless of skill, to engage in the materials. She gives the children the freedom and tools to bring their imaginations to life. Bethany loves to crochet and has created many of her own classroom materials, such as apples, pumpkins, vines, penguins, and even a sandwich.  

Preschoolers work on colors, shapes, letters, numbers, name recognition, and early pre-writing skills. Through interactive play, children grow socially and emotionally, learn to verbalize their feelings, and work out their problems before asking for help. Bethany encourages independence and helps children practice self help skills, like zipping lunch boxes and backpacks, opening their food, and putting on coats and shoes. As the Daniel Tiger song says, “everyone is big enough to do something!”

Bethany introduces themes weekly or biweekly based on the children’s interests and the world around them. Centers and activities are planned around the theme to make learning engaging and fun. Centers include dramatic play (Bethany’s favorite!), art, math and manipulatives, science and sensory, blocks, and literacy. She uses a lot of environmental print within dramatic play to allow children to interact with letters. Children choose centers and pace themselves, which develops decision making skills and self-control.

Like all Keystone children, preschoolers also work in pasture three days a week; have art, COG, and P.E. twice a week, and have Spanish once a week. These special activities broaden their world and their learning. At Keystone, every day in the preschool class is an exciting adventure, filled with lots of play, friends, and activity!

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