Sharon Kinzie

Sharon is an experienced teacher with 24 years of service. She received her BA in Elementary Education (K-8) from Oklahoma State University in 1994 and her MA in Education Administration from The University of Central Oklahoma in 1998.

She began her career teaching 4th grade in Coyle Elementary School in Coyle, Oklahoma in 1994. After two years of teaching 4th, she moved to 5th and began her MA program in Administration. The following year while finishing her MA she was asked to be the interim Elementary Principal in April of that year when her principal suddenly resigned. She finished her degree that summer and was hired as the elementary principal where she remained for the next nine years.

When grandchildren started coming along, Sharon wanted to go back into the classroom to work with children at the classroom level again, and to allow more time with family. She resigned from the Coyle School District and began that fall with the Perkins-Tryon School District as a 2nd grade teacher. She looped the next year with her class to 3rd grade where she taught for the next nine years before moving to 5th grade Language Arts.

Sharon has been trained in different multidisciplinary areas such as: Love and Logic, Great Expectations, Barebones Grammar, Take Flight Reading, and is currently working towards becoming a licensed Language Therapist with the Take Flight Reading Program.

Sharon believes in providing a learning environment to encourage children to explore knowledge in a variety of methods, and to understand the power of “YET,” I don’t know that “YET.” She believes in teaching to the whole child meeting them where they are, and challenging them to grow and develop a love of learning through exploration and developing a Growth Mindset. She strives to provide a learning environment that praises effort, struggle, and perseverance, and provide feedback and praise when students select difficult tasks to conquer or try new strategies when learning a concept.

Sharon is married to David, the love of her life for 40 years. They have three grown children, seven grandchildren, and one sweet eight-year-old old Shitzu named Spicey Rosie Bell. Sharon loves family time, gardening, learning new things, and traveling. She has gone on many mission trips to countries such as: Papua New Guinea, Rome, Belize, Alaska, Mexico, Honduras, and Costa Rica.

Published on October 20, 2021

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