Hannah Sharp

Hannah Sharp grew up in Oklahoma City and graduated from The University of Oklahoma with a BA in English. As a diagnosed dyslexic with ADHD, Hannah grew up working hard to overcome her own learning differences, and she is passionate about quality and successful education for all learners. Hannah has worked at Keystone in many capacities over the year, utilizing different skill sets, and has two children who attend Keystone as well.

As our Take Flight Instructor and Reading Therapist, Hannah teaches grapheme recognition and grapheme sound association using multisensory techniques to multiple age groups. Hannah loves that Keystone “gives the gift of time” to our students, understanding that all learners need time to process. That individual time to process allows for understanding, insight, reflection, and, ultimately, a confident learner.

Hannah also has a Certificate of Completion from MECA’s Salt Institute for Documentary Studies Graduate Program, and is nationally certified as a C.A.L.T. (Certified Academic Learning Therapist). The requirements achieved to sit for the CALT certificate exam included: 900+ practicum hours teaching and 220 hours additional in-person instructional training.

Published on October 20, 2021

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